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Tobago Weather

Just like any Caribbean island, you will have the benefit of a beautiful tropical climate when visiting Tobago. With highs of about 32 degrees celsius, and lows of 26 degrees celsius, if you are after warmth, and sun, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful weather in Tobago!

Tobago weather consists of two seasons, wet and dry. The dry season typically lasts from January to around May. You may still experience the occasional shower in the dry season, but it doesn't usually last for very long. The wet season (around June to December) tends to have more rainfall. It doesn't necessarily mean that it rains everyday; it's just like snow - hard to predict when it's going to fall. Plant life, trees, and flowers however, are at their prettiest, the island is very lush in these months (and prices are lower!). And the most beautiful thing about Tobago rain, is that it doesn't normally tend to last. Rain in the wet season normally comes in the form of a 10 minute "shower" and then the sun will be out again! Worried about being caught in a hurricane? Don't be. Hurricanes tend to start from the south, and build as it travels north. Fortunately, Tobago is south of the hurricane belt, and so, unlike many of the other Caribbean islands, has an extremely low chance of being hit by a hurricane.